24 Hr Support with Private Client Technology

Online Success System

One of the many unique benefits of Orlando Hypnotherapy programs with Asher Fox is your own private online client support system. Asher’s Online Success system Orlando Hypnosis Onlineprovides 24 hour access to resources that keep you on track and moving towards rapidly reaching your goals. Just some of the cutting edge features available are:

Rapid Results & Success Log:

In between sessions you will log the changes you notice each and every day into your online Rapid Results & Success Log. This allows Asher to best prepare for your sessions, see your daily progress as your conscious and subconscious minds become aligned with your goals and allows him to give you feedback and support in between sessions to ensure that everyday you are rapidly progressing in the right direction.

Session Insight & Focus Notes:

After each Integrated Hypnotherapy & Coaching Session you will receive notes from the session through your online account that summarize your progress, insights and behavioral changes generated from the session as well as your conscious coaching plan for your weekly focus. Insight & Focus Notes keep you consciously aware of your unconscious changes and on track with your daily and weekly progress.


Asher’s goal is to not simply resolve the issue that brought you to see him, but also teach you how to resolve any issues you have going forward yourself by teaching you about how your mind works and giving you the tools to make the changes that you desire. Self-hypnosis is a powerful tool that will enable you to more easily make positive life changes on your own and your online private client account makes learning self-hypnosis easy with instructional texts, tutorial videos and supporting self-hypnosis audio sessions.


Emotional Freedom Technology:

Would you like to have an effective way of instantly stopping negative emotional states such as anxiety, anger and sadness? How about instantly stop cravings for food, alcohol and other addictive behaviors? Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a form of acupressure that can easily accomplish all of this and more. Through video tutorials and demonstration videos, your online private client account will guide you through learning this powerful neuro-change technology while providing feedback from Asher on your progress through your online Rapid Results & Success Log.


Mood/Anti-Anxiety Regulation Tools:

In addition to Emotional Freedom Techniques, your private online account provides video support for reinforcement of what Asher teaches you in sessions as well as additional learning of many other tools that provide you with the ability to rapidly eliminate stress & anxiety in a minute or less as well as end any other negative emotional state you may be experiencing. Beyond EFT, supported through your online private client account, Asher will teach you at least 10 other ways to easily end negative emotional feelings and quickly shift into a more positive state.

Healing the Inner Child:

Even if you had the most well intentioned parents, very few of us escape childhood without some type of emotional wounds that may be unconsciously effecting us today. These wounds become part of the make up of our “Inner Child”, the part of our subconscious that remains trapped in a childlike state acting out many of the emotional issues, reactions and defense mechanisms from childhood. Your online private client account will guide you through Asher’s proven step-by-step process for healing your wounded inner child to allow you to live life more fully and without childhood issues interfering with you reaching your full potential.

Hypnotherapy Library:

As part of your program, Asher will be creating custom Hypnotherapy MP3 audio sessions for you towards resolving the issues that brought you in. However in addition to these audios you will have access to Asher’s Hypnotherapy audio library where you will be able to find audio sessions that you can use to increase motivation & reduce procrastination, enhance focus, improve physical health, improve study habits, reduce stress and much more.

Online Coaching:

Asher works with many international clients and has developed content, courses and systems for coaching the conscious and unconscious mind to create rapid personal change in his clients’ lives. Many of these programs and resources are available to his local Orlando patients and clients at no additional charge as part of their rapid change program.

Hypnotherapist Orlando FloridaSession Appointments & Records:

Your online private client account will also provide you records of all of your past and upcoming sessions while also sending you email reminders about your appointments when you initially schedule as well as 24 hours in advance. Do you need to reschedule an appointment? No problem! Your private client account will allow you to see Asher’s schedule and easily change your appointment to other times he has available.

If you would like to find out more about how Clinical Hypnotherapy with Asher Fox, CCHt can help you overcome issues that are keeping you from reaching your full potential call 407.717.9007 today for your free consultation session.

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