Overcome Instead of "Manage" Your Anger

Do you have difficulty controlling your anger and would like to use hypnosis for your anger issues? Do you find yourself feeling angered or enraged often in a way that is impacting your life and the lives of those around you? Anger, like all of our emotions, serves a healthy function. However, when anger shows itself disproportionately to a situation, more often than is appropriate, or leaves you in a place of feeling out of control in your own behavior it can become a very destructive influence in your life. Not only can uncontrolled anger issues directly impact your life in a negative way, but it also frequently destroys relationships with those that are closest to you.

These types of anger issues are almost always rooted in unresolved subconscious trauma or repressed emotion from your past. Using a variety of powerful modalities and techniques ranging from Clinical Hypnotherapy to Neuro-linguistic Programming to EFT, Asher will quickly work to help you gain control of this destructive influence in your life and restore peace and balance to your relationships with others and yourself.

Asher's Integrative approach helps directly target these symptoms of Anger and many others not listed here:

  • Chronic irritability: Individuals may exhibit a persistent state of irritability or agitation, even in seemingly calm situations.
  • Passive-aggressive behavior: Internalized anger can manifest through passive-aggressive actions such as sarcasm, silent treatment, or subtle acts of sabotage.
  • Difficulty expressing emotions: People with anger may struggle to express their feelings openly, leading to bottling up emotions and avoiding confrontations.
  • Self-criticism: Anger can turn inward, leading to harsh self-criticism, low self-esteem, and feelings of worthlessness.
  • Physical symptoms: Living with internalized anger can manifest in physical symptoms such as headaches, muscle tension, digestive issues, and insomnia.
  • Social withdrawal: Individuals may withdraw from social interactions as a way to avoid potential triggers for their anger or to prevent conflicts with others.
  • Passive behavior: Living with anger can result in passivity, where individuals suppress their needs and desires to avoid confrontation or displeasing others.
  • Substance abuse: Some people may turn to substances like alcohol or drugs as a way to cope with or numb the underlying anger they are experiencing.
  • Chronic fatigue: Living with internalized anger can be emotionally exhausting, leading to chronic fatigue and a lack of motivation.
  • Relationship difficulties: Anger can strain relationships as individuals may struggle to communicate effectively, leading to misunderstandings, resentment, and distance from loved ones.

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What Asher's clients have to say...

Unpaid testimonials from actual clients.

Sheryle W.

Asher is extremely knowledgeable and has exceeded my expectations regarding coaching and hypnosis. He helps to keep me on track and accountable. I highly recommend him!

Lacy B.

My experience here has been wonderful! I sought out Asher over a year ago for various issues in my life and can honestly say this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He is incredibly knowledgeable about anything that presents in our sessions and is always personable and professional. I had, albeit briefly, worked with other therapists before finding Asher but had not had success with anyone else, and owe several positive changes made in my life over the past year to what he has helped me learn.

Leslie C.

If I were only allowed one word to describe Asher’s gifted ability to get to the root of a problem and facilitate positive change it would be: masterful. I’ve been familiar with Asher’s work for some time, and was very happy when he began offering virtual sessions. I began therapy a week ago with Asher because I wanted to lose weight for the last time. The weight was only a symptom of my real issue. I have lost 6 pounds. I had no idea what a prison I had made for myself. After two sessions it is GONE. As dramatic as when the lights are suddenly turned on in a totally dark room. I had been there for so long, I didn’t even realize it. Being anxious and afraid to socialize resulted in a driving need to eat. Off I would go, looking all around thinking I must to eat something; ANYTHING! With multiple approaches at his disposal, Asher covers a lot of ground in his sessions. I feel like I have his undivided attention when I am there because he does not just listen to what you say, he hears how you say it,...with your entire self. He will return with “So, would you say...” and somehow he can perfectly articulate what I just struggled to express out loud. There is no hiding. Now I know, reaching my weight loss goal will be the least of the benefits. The reframing of my life after only two sessions has been so powerful I can only look forward to the next one as I discover how my life will unfold next.

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