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Every significant change in life, especially those related to experiencing life in new ways, require creating new cognitive and behavioral habits. In other words, we have to create new habits of thinking, that leads to new emotional habits, that in turn lead to new behavioral habits. That's why part of all of Asher's programs include healthy habit building to support you in creating the change you desire and deserve.

This approach is rooted in the belief that enduring change is not just about making temporary adjustments, but about creating a new, healthy-habit-based lifestyle that aligns with the deep inner changes you aim to achieve. By fostering healthy cognitive and behavioral habits, Asher's programs aim to equip you not only with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of personal transformation but also with a lifestyle that supports the permanence of these changes long after you've reached your goals and completed your sessions. By ensuring that these changes are supported through the natural "automation" that comes from well-established habits, the typical resistance and friction to change are reduced. This allows for easier and more permanent positive changes than can be achieved without a conscious strategy of targeted new habit formation.

A Proven Process for Designing Lasting Healthy Habits

An Individually Customized Habit Plan 

Your "New Habit Plan" will be created from cutting edge research into the psychology & neurology of willpower, including the latest findings from Harvard's willpower research labs, combined with the newest scientific research into the fastest way to build permanent new habits. 

Creating Keystone Habits

At the heart of your habit plan will be keystone habits: powerful new routines that initiate a cascade of multiple positive changes that act as catalysts for broader positive transformation. Keystone habits have a multiplier effect, influencing various aspects of your life with improvements that extend far beyond the initial habit itself.

Eliminate & Replace Negative Habits

Targeting specific negative habits for replacement is crucial to stopping root behaviors that undermine well-being and personal progress. Negative habits, whether they involve procrastination, unhealthy eating, or excessive screen time, can have a pervasive impact on an individual's physical and mental health, as well as their productivity and relationships. By identifying and actively replacing these negative habits with positive alternatives, resistance to change is reduced while the new positive habits help to "automate" the process of positive progress.

Habit Science & Hypnotherapy

By using hypnotherapy to enhance positive habit building at the subconscious level, conscious barriers that hinder the adoption of new, healthier habits and behaviors are bypassed. This approach supercharges the process by addressing the underlying beliefs and motivations driving behavior, allowing for deeper change and a smoother transition to new routines and powerful new habits that are built to last.

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What Asher's clients have to say...

Unpaid testimonials from actual clients.

Lashawn H.

This weight loss experience has been a amazing! i went from eating all the time to pushing food away that was not healthy, wanting to exercising more. Asher Fox is amazing and truley my friend and coach. Thanks Asher for not judging me and listening to my every need. This has been a wonderful; experience for me.


I came to Asher one year ago because I wanted to lose 15-20 lbs. I had tried for around 20 years, off and on, to lose the 15-20 lbs without any significant progress. My sessions were mainly focused on me being in control of my eating and exercise habits. I immediately noticed results. Within the first week I was eating less and not feeling very hungry or feeling deprived of food. This alone was pretty amazing because have always put eating good food at a pretty high priority. Within a few months, I lost all of my goal weight and then some, and have kept if off for about a year now. In summary, I am very glad I have meet Asher and I would highly recommend Asher to anyone thinking about going to see him. I believe that Asher has chosen his profession because he truly wants to help and cares about people.

Lee m.

I came to see Asher with anxiety that had plagued me on and off for 20 years. He taught me that my anxiety wasn't just something random, but that it was deeply rooted in my childhood and most importantly, that it was something I could let go of. For the first time in many years, I feel like I'm in control of my life.

Asher's ability to counsel comes not only from his training and credentials, but even more importantly, I believe from his keen instinct about how the mind works. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the progress I have made under his care.

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