Conquer Arachnophobia and Stop Fearing Spiders 

Fear of spiders, or arachnophobia, can be a troublesome problem that can easily be cured with the right approach. While most people don’t enjoy the idea or presence of spiders, people who suffer from arachnophobia have a disproportionate response to either seeing, or often just thinking about spiders. Like all phobias, to be able to exist and produce such an extreme reaction requires the fear to be in the subconscious where it can only be accessed with modalities like Virtual Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. You know that this is true because your conscious mind, which is your analytical and reasoning mind, couldn’t be where the fear resides because you intellectually know that the spider can actually do you little to no harm and if you chose to, you could easily squash it, swat it or if nothing else just walk away. Through Asher's multi-modality approach the deeper connected fear can be uncovered and healed, allowing you to forever leave behind your spider phobia.

Asher's Integrative approach helps directly target the symptoms of phobias, such as Fear of Spiders

The Asher Fox's Fear of Spiders Program focuses on quickly eliminating arachnophobia by going to its root cause in your subconscious. Frequently forgotten memories from childhood are usually the source of the arachnophobia and once uncovered we are able to quickly reprocess the memory and desensitize it in a way that leaves you completely free from your previous fear of spiders. In other cases the source of the fear has little to do with an event in the past actually involving spiders, but instead spiders have come to symbolize something from your past that has become subconsciously linked. In these instances, once this unconscious link is uncovered and severed and the real issue dealt with, the associated spider phobia quickly fades away.

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Patricia A.

As one of the select few Clinical Hypnotherapists in Florida with a State Licensed Diploma I was fortunate to have Asher Fox as my instructor and mentor, both in hypnotherapy school, and then additionally, after graduation, for extensive advanced tutoring. I already knew from my experience as an Acupuncture Physician, that having the best possible education in your field is crucial to your success. His credentials, experience and knowledge in a wide range of therapeutic fields, from Clinical Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming to Cognitive Behavioral Change & therapeutically applied Neuro-Science, helped to give my practice in Naples, Fl a cutting edge foundation for developing protocols and helping my client base exceed their wildest expectations. Today, I am a successful and confident Hypnotherapist with an outstanding success rate for my clients, thanks to the extra skills that Asher taught me. I am writing this review now as a "Thank You" as Asher has recently assisted me by consulting on several of my more difficult and complex cases helping me ensure that the clients received the exceptional results they expected. If you are looking for a Clinical Hypnotherapist to rapidly resolve any issues you may have, I highly recommend taking Asher up on his free confidential consultation to experience his work first hand. It may be the most life-changing and empowering decision you ever make for yourself.

Harry H.

I was on the edge of throwing in the towel in February. I sought help from a therapist who only made my life more confusing. By May- in a last-ditch effort, I found Asher on a Google search. Within the first two sessions I had regained hope, and my life has shown steady improvement.

I credit Asher with re-positioning my life and showing me new and better ways of looking at everyday problems and how to deal with them more effectively. I whole-heartedly recommend Asher Fox to my friends and family.

Linda H.

I met someone who I trusted who referred me to Asher Fox for weight loss and emotional issues. For many years, I had been in a dark place in life with numerous issues including problems with my weight. In six weeks, Asher Fox had done more for me than anyone else in my entire life! In 4 months I've lost 40lbs. But most importantly I am learning to like/love myself, my self esteem is improving and I'm smiling again. My entire life has changed! Don't misunderstand me, there is still a long road to follow. Knowing that Asher Fox is going to be there to help me in my life is reassuring. Asher is soft spoken, knowledgeable, beyond intelligent, dynamic, understanding and respectful. Asher chooses to be involved with his clients by wearing his heart on his sleeve in a calm and dignified way. Asher Fox is incredible, amazing yet grounded to reality and helping others. Sure, I had to be ready to be involved in this process of improvement but, I would have never made it this far without the positive influence, direction and therapy created by Asher. Asher has enabled me to establish "a new me" through the amazing therapy he believes in as well as the book he has written, "Fat to Fearless." Asher always knows what to say and how to say it! Asher is so empathetic, considerate, relaxed/at ease, thoughtful, kind and professional which allows him to help others with healthy and positive outcomes. I have already lost forty pounds and I know with Asher's guidance I will reach my goals in life.

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