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Worry, anxiety, and panic are terms frequently used interchangeably, yet they describe distinct psychological states, each with its own set of characteristics. However, despite their differences, they exist along the same spectrum of emotional distress, fundamentally anchored in fear. As this fear intensifies, worry transitions to anxiety, and with further escalation, it eventually becomes panic. But that isn't the only transition that takes place along this continuum; as fear increases, so too does our lack of conscious awareness regarding the true origin and causes of the distress.

At the milder end of the spectrum lies worry, a state often marked by cognitive concerns over potential future events or outcomes. Worry tends to involve conscious, specific thoughts about what might go wrong and, while it can escalate into more intense feelings, it primarily remains a process governed by conscious awareness and focused on identifiable concerns. As one moves further along the spectrum, the role of the unconscious begins to subtly increase, shaping the nature and intensity of the emotional experience.

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As fear intensifies, the transition from worry to anxiety and then to panic reflects a journey into increasingly profound levels of emotional turmoil, paralleled by a shift towards more dominant unconscious influences. Anxiety, lying midway on the spectrum, broadens the scope beyond specific worries to include a more diffuse sense of apprehension along with frequently increased physical symptoms, signaling a mix of conscious and unconscious concerns. The leap to panic represents a peak in the spectrum, where the fear becomes so overwhelming that it triggers acute, intense episodes of panic attacks, often without a clear or immediate cause. This progression signifies not just an escalation of fear but also a deepening involvement of unconscious processes. Panic attacks, characterized by their suddenness and severity, underscore how deeply embedded fears can bypass conscious reasoning, revealing the intricate ways in which our minds react to perceived threats at different levels of awareness and fear. Click one of the boxes below to learn more about how Asher Fox can help you resolve chronic worry, anxiety and panic issues.

Progression of Decreased Consciousness as Fear Grows



Worry is primarily a cognitive process that involves negative thoughts about potential future events or outcomes and tends to be more manageable and less intense than anxiety or panic. While worry is often specific and focused on identifiable concerns or problems, it becomes more driven by subconscious elements as it grows more intense, frequent, and less grounded in reasons that objectively justify such a level of ongoing concern.



As the connections between anxiety and its initial causes become more elusive, with its underlying factors becoming increasingly submerged in the subconscious, the breadth of the anxiety experience expands and is experienced as more complex and difficult to manage. This intricacy emphasizes the sophisticated character of anxiety, illustrating its ability to go beyond mere worry and profoundly affect individuals on a comprehensive and multi-layered level.



Among worry, anxiety, and panic, panic is the most intensely driven by subconscious causes. Panic attacks can be so sudden, overwhelming, and uncontrollable in their intensity that it's often difficult, in retrospect, to determine what triggered them. Unlike worry, which revolves around specific, identifiable concerns, and anxiety, which can stem from a broader range of identifiable or vague stimuli, panic attacks can erupt without a clear, immediate cause, suggesting a deep-rooted link to subconscious processes.

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Leslie C.

If I were only allowed one word to describe Asher’s gifted ability to get to the root of a problem and facilitate positive change it would be: masterful. I’ve been familiar with Asher’s work for some time, and was very happy when he began offering virtual sessions. I began therapy a week ago with Asher because I wanted to lose weight for the last time. The weight was only a symptom of my real issue. I have lost 6 pounds. I had no idea what a prison I had made for myself. After two sessions it is GONE. As dramatic as when the lights are suddenly turned on in a totally dark room. I had been there for so long, I didn’t even realize it. Being anxious and afraid to socialize resulted in a driving need to eat. Off I would go, looking all around thinking I must to eat something; ANYTHING! With multiple approaches at his disposal, Asher covers a lot of ground in his sessions. I feel like I have his undivided attention when I am there because he does not just listen to what you say, he hears how you say it,...with your entire self. He will return with “So, would you say...” and somehow he can perfectly articulate what I just struggled to express out loud. There is no hiding. Now I know, reaching my weight loss goal will be the least of the benefits. The reframing of my life after only two sessions has been so powerful I can only look forward to the next one as I discover how my life will unfold next.

Kathy B.

Asher has been a great find and he is without a doubt the most gifted therapists I have ever worked with. Within the first hour’s consultation he had pinpointed with straightforward and simplistic accuracy a number of key issues and concepts for me.

With ongoing consistent coaching he has helped me to realize, understand and change my own behaviors which in turn has made me a more happy and confident person. I would highly recommend Asher to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their life.

Kevin O.

Asher Fox is a great therapist. You talk to him every week and it's like meeting up with a friend with superpowers who can help you fix all your problems. It's amazing how he can look right through all the bs and help you really dig down to the core of the problems while still making it fun. It really changes the dynamics of self help. You no longer have a problem that needs to be fixed. Now your just another individual that's off the beaten path trying to get out of the woods and you've stumbled upon a buddy with google maps and a set of dirt bikes so get ready and enjoy the ride!!

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