Heal Intense Fears and Stop Phobic Responses

Do you want to use the latest research in the neurobiology of change, subconscious behaviorism, and clinical hypnotherapy to eliminate a fear or phobia that is limiting your quality of your life and holding you back from fully enjoying the things you want to do? While these types of fears and phobic responses can feel insurmountable, even the strongest fears can be more easily healed and cured than you might imagine through the clinical application of hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and eye movement therapy.

Because of how debilitating these fears can be, Asher Fox dedicated many years at the beginning of his private practice to understanding why some people were able to get amazing success through hypnotherapy and other modalities for fears & phobias and others only received marginal improvements.

Fast Phobia Cures

This quest to understand the intricacies of phobia formation and the methods for curing the most challenging phobic cases led Asher to uncover a diagnostic secret. This discovery enabled him to determine that fears and phobias, even those that appear similar, fall into two distinct categories, each requiring a different approach. Over the years, he has refined his understanding, achieving an almost 100% success rate in permanently resolving fears and phobias. If you suffer from any of the following fears, or any other debilitating phobia, you will be relieved to know that in a very short period of time, you can find permanent relief with Asher Fox, CCHt.

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What Asher's clients have to say...

Unpaid testimonials from actual clients.

Harry H.

I was on the edge of throwing in the towel in February. I sought help from a therapist who only made my life more confusing. By May- in a last-ditch effort, I found Asher on a Google search. Within the first two sessions I had regained hope, and my life has shown steady improvement.

I credit Asher with re-positioning my life and showing me new and better ways of looking at everyday problems and how to deal with them more effectively. I whole-heartedly recommend Asher Fox to my friends and family.

Kathy W.

I was so happy to find Asher Fox, I researched him thoroughly and was impressed by his credentials. I found him to be extremely professional, informative and completely honest on how he felt he could assist me. With a few simple therapy sessions he was able to move my thoughts and feelings of motion sickness and fear into thoughts and feelings of peace, joy and love for my family.

If there is anything in your thought process that is stopping you from doing something in life you wish to do, I highly recommend that you contact Asher Fox. He has the experience, accreditation and dedication to assist you with any of your needs through hypnotherapy.

Kevin O.

Asher Fox is a great therapist. You talk to him every week and it's like meeting up with a friend with superpowers who can help you fix all your problems. It's amazing how he can look right through all the bs and help you really dig down to the core of the problems while still making it fun. It really changes the dynamics of self help. You no longer have a problem that needs to be fixed. Now your just another individual that's off the beaten path trying to get out of the woods and you've stumbled upon a buddy with google maps and a set of dirt bikes so get ready and enjoy the ride!!

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