Jonathan Dorn, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Jonathan S. Dorn, M.D. is a medical physician in practice for 36 years who participated in the rapid advances in modern mainstream medicine that, while improving the quality of life and easing emotional and physical pain for so many, did not help all patients, including himself. He began looking into other modalities to help those patients needing more and found an answer in Clinical hypnotherapy and NLP. Upon seeing and then experiencing the benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy, he joined Asher Fox, CCHt as Medical Director for Orlando Hypnotherapy.  Working with Asher Fox has allowed him to attend to more than the physical well being of patients through traditional medicine, but attend to both their bodies and minds through the power of their own subconscious.

He has found that helping his patients with medical and emotional pain using the power of their own minds rather than “pills” to have had tremendous success in overcoming stress, physical pain, emotional pain and many physical “ailments”. As part of Orlando Hypnotherapy, Dr. Dorn has found that working with Asher Fox, CCHt has been a way of best fulfilling his mission, to help heal and increase the quality of life of as many as possible through the combined power of science and mind.


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