The Asher Fox Difference: Generative Change and Integrative Therapy

“If all I do is simply solve the problem you came to see me for, then that is at best mediocre work” ~ Asher Fox

In addition to Hypnotherapy experience and education, it’s also important to understand a practitioner’s therapeutic orientation, which is essentially their philosophy in terms of how they apply their formal training and experience. Asher’s therapeutic orientation emphasizes Integrative Therapy and Generative Change.

Integrative Hypnotherapy

Integrative Therapy goes beyond working with a client using only one modality or set of tools, like hypnosis, and instead combines multiple tools and fields of study into very customized sessions for clients that are tailored to their unique needs. Integrative Therapy requires a therapist who has training in a variety of fields and isn’t limited to just one tool, but instead has an entire toolbox they are able to use to enable clients and patients to achieve their goals and positive outcomes. When working with Asher Fox, you will not only find yourself gaining new subconscious understandings and abilities through the clinical application of hypnosis, but will also learn a variety of other conscious level skills that enable you to quickly stop anxiety, cravings or create positive mental states through the use of a variety of other psychological fields of study in which he has trained and has credentials. By practicing Integrative therapy Asher is able to ensure every client receives the results they desire by being able to customize a specific set of tools that is uniquely designed for that client.


Creating Generative Change Through Integrative Hypnotherapy

In addition to the extensive training in a variety of fields that enable Asher to create rapid and lasting change through the practice of Integrative Therapy, at the heart of his work is understanding the concept of Generative Change. While Hypnotherapy can certainly be used to resolve very specific conditions, the process of resolving these conditions can also be done in such a way as to allow the brain to take the new positive abilities and learnings that were created to resolve the one issue and generalize them to all areas of life. By doing this, the brain begins to self-generate new solutions to a variety of life circumstances as opposed to simply using what new abilities that were created in hypnosis to only heal the specific singular issue.

For Example, let’s say that you come in for weight loss related issues. While weight loss can be a very complex issue with underlying emotions needing to be dealt with, there is also almost always an issue of increasing cognitive willpower to follow through on your diet and exercise commitments. With traditional Hypnotherapy the client would have their willpower increased in those specific areas to allow them to follow through and achieve their weight loss goals. With Clinical Hypnotherapy geared towards Generative Change, sessions are done in a way that the same increase in willpower that is achieved for weight loss is implanted in the brain in such a way as you automatically begin to use that enhanced focus, follow through and willpower in all other areas of your life as well. You don’t simply receive increased willpower in one area, but you give the increased willpower to your brain as a general tool that it can use in all areas of life where increased willpower can benefit you.

Asher’s philosophy is that if all he does is solve the problem or issue that you came to see him for then that is at best mediocre work. His goal is to use Integrative Therapies to create Generative Change in the brain in such a way as not only do you resolve the original issue, but you gain skills and abilities that you automatically begin using to enhance all other areas of your life as you subconsciously begins to self-generate new solutions to old problems automatically.

If you wish to rapidly resolve any problem you may have that you feel is holding you back from reaching your full potential call Asher today at 407.717.9007 or complete the form below for a free consultation to learn how you can let go of anything that may be holding you back and allow you to reach your full potential.

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