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Your Client AI Action Portal is more than a tool—it's your partner in personal growth and rapid progress. This central hub offers personalized session notes, action plans, a weekly SWOT psych analysis, a habit building system, an anti-procrastination system, and access to Mind Mastery Courses. Your portal is designed and empowered to provide deep insights and actionable strategies tailored to your unique goals and challenges, ensuring you stay focused and OnTrack to maximize your progress.

From overcoming procrastination to building resilience and emotional intelligence through our interactive courses, the Client Portal is your partner in growth. It tracks your progress, adjusts recommendations, keeps you in touch with Asher between your sessions, and celebrates your achievements, making it an invaluable tool in your journey towards personal and professional excellence.

  • Weekly Planning

  • Anti-Procrastination System 

  • Mind Mastery Courses

Weekly SWOT Analysis

One of the best ways your portal keeps you on track is using positive psychological principles to plan for what's ahead so that you can best navigate your life while continuing to make progress each week. A weekly psychological SWOT analysis offers a strategic and personalized approach to managing both your internal state and external reality to ensure maximum growth each week. This method involves identifying internal strengths and weaknesses, along with external opportunities and threats, to create a tailored strategy that keeps moving you forward.

Think of it as mapping out your emotional strengths and the areas you're struggling with, plus spotting both the good stuff and challenges coming your way. This isn't just about making plans; it's about getting to know yourself better and working as a team with Asher Fox to tackle what's ahead. It's a hands-on way to take control of your mental health, making sure you're ready for whatever the week throws at you. In simple terms, it's like having a game plan that's all about you and for you, helping you stay one step ahead. By assessing and adjusting to the unique challenges and resources of each week, clients can foster resilience, make intentional decisions, and navigate their mental health with confidence and clarity. In simple terms, it's like having a game plan that's all about you and for you, helping you stay one step ahead and on track.

This Week's Focus

Your Weekly Focus zeroes in on empowering clients by giving them a specific area to concentrate on each week, complete with a toolkit of psychological strategies to enhance their journey. What makes this approach stand out is its generative nature; the focus area is carefully chosen not just for its immediate benefits but for its positive ripple effect across various aspects of the client's life. By dedicating attention and effort to one area while using the set of simple tools you’re given each week, clients are able to experience unexpected positive changes in other areas, creating a cascade of improvement that extends far beyond the initial area of focus.

This method encourages clients to see the interconnectedness of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, leading to holistic growth and a deeper understanding of their own mental and emotional landscape. This method doesn’t just aim for incremental improvements but fosters holistic growth and transformation. Whether it's enhancing your communication skills, managing stress better, or boosting self-confidence, improving in the chosen focus area can lead to unexpected and wide-ranging positive impacts, enriching your overall well-being and life satisfaction in ways you might not have anticipated.

Session Notes & Action Plan 

Imagine after each session not just making progress and feeling enlightened but also holding a roadmap for the week ahead. Your Session Notes & Action plan are all about turning those lightbulb moments into actionable insights that lead to real-life changes. meticulously crafted to highlight new awarenesses, understandings, and pivotal "aha" moments experienced during their sessions. This thoughtful summary bridges the gap between session insights and everyday life, enabling clients to hold onto and deepen their new level of consciousness. 

More than just reflections, these notes come with a practical action plan tailored to each client's unique journey and goals and provide clear, actionable steps to incorporate these insights into their lives over the coming week. This method ensures that clients not only grasp their breakthroughs intellectually but are also equipped to make real, tangible progress as this increased level of conscious awareness becomes incorporated into who they are. By applying these insights and actions in a practical manner you will be able to see real progress and payoff for every minute spent in session. clients are empowered to see and feel the impact of their sessions, fostering continuous growth and meaningful change in their lives.

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Patricia F.

If there's something you want to change and are looking for help, I recommend Asher Fox. It doesn't have to take forever, in a short amount of time with his experience and with his encouragement, I have been able to make a number of exciting and positive changes in my life.


He's very intelligent and experienced. I would recommend him to anyone who feels "stuck". He really gets to the root of the problem so expect to do some work! Totally worth it!

Tracy C.

Excellent experience, exceptionally skilled Hypnotherapist that helped get to the root of the issue for me and my mother.

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