Push to Talk Live Voice Messaging

In today's fast-paced world where every moment counts, staying connected with your practitioner shouldn't be confined to traditional settings or limited by schedules. Imagine having the power to reach out for guidance at the very moment you need support, have questions, or simply need a listening ear. That's the revolutionary convenience brought to you through the Voxer app. This innovative approach transcends conventional client boundaries, offering you real-time, walkie-talkie style voice messaging and audio support. No longer do you have to wait for your next session to share breakthroughs, setbacks, or to seek immediate advice. With Asher Fox and Voxer, seamless communication, care, and support is always one push-of-a-button away.

Clear, Concise, & Actionable Conversations

The time and effort to compose text messages often leads to incomplete answers or even more often, miscommunications that come from not being able to accurately assess emotions, mood, and tone. Instant voice communication allows for faster and more complete answers while providing crystal clear clarity for you and your practitioner to communicate exactly what you' feeling.

It's Simple & Intuitive to Use

It’s super simple and intuitive to use. All you have to do is push the big orange button in the bottom center of your screen and start speaking into your phone. At this point the button turns green, letting you know you are actively recording.

Works on Any Platform at Any Time

You can access your App on your iPhone, Android, tablet, PC, or Mac 24/7. Wherever you are and whatever device you have with you, help and assistance is always right there with you.

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Cutting Edge Technology

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What Asher's clients have to say...

Unpaid testimonials from actual clients.

Kathy W.

I was so happy to find Asher Fox, I researched him thoroughly and was impressed by his credentials. I found him to be extremely professional, informative and completely honest on how he felt he could assist me. With a few simple therapy sessions he was able to move my thoughts and feelings of motion sickness and fear into thoughts and feelings of peace, joy and love for my family.

If there is anything in your thought process that is stopping you from doing something in life you wish to do, I highly recommend that you contact Asher Fox. He has the experience, accreditation and dedication to assist you with any of your needs through hypnotherapy.


He's very intelligent and experienced. I would recommend him to anyone who feels "stuck". He really gets to the root of the problem so expect to do some work! Totally worth it!

Keri L.

I had no idea what to expect. Was this going to work? Was I going to feel funny? Was I going to do things under hypnosis I didn't want to, or would I be vulnerable and uncomfortable? After working with Asher Fox - all I can say is it FAR exceeded my worrisome expectations. I don't know that I could explain how amazing this experience was in just one review. Regarding the experience: First and foremost - IT WORKED. I saw him for what used to be a very negative feeling about flying, that DOESN'T EXIST anymore. Asher was great at quickly getting to the root of my issue, helping me understand how the mind works and why it was an issue for me, we went through the hypnotherapy part and he even ended with anti-anxiety tips to help me ease any tension or emotions that could potentially be left over. The attention to my issue, ability to connect to the root cause, provide a swift solution, and personal attention throughout was incredible. I thought it would be some kooky thing that I would be afraid to tell my friends about - but I ended up bringing it up in almost every conversation after. If you are worried about being hypnotized - it is not what you think it is! Trust me. More than that - trust Asher. Regarding Asher: I love how clinical he approaches problems, solutions, and hypnotherapy. There wasn't incense, candles, and ohm-ing. There was straight talk about the brain, the process, the way forward. He was also very good at holding me accountable for my part in the issues, which I wouldn't have done on my own. He was more than just a hypnotherapist, he analyzed the issue as it related to life, my experience, and my hopes for the future. He was very easy going, made me comfortable immediately, routinely checked in to see how I was doing, and his follow up was outstanding. He is also very accommodating with appointment times. In sum - if you have an issue, ANY issue, bring it to Asher Fox. It will be solved. Not covered up, not brushed under the rug, not strewn aside. It will be rooted up from the core, addressed, and completely put behind you. Whatever your subconscious is doing to your conscious mind - he will bridge the two and HELP YOU MOVE ON.

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